My art is heavily influenced by been born and living in Japan. My imagination is not only rooted in my relation with Japan’s isolationist past, but also on my own experience living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and, until preadolescence my personal “environment-dictated isolation, drawing”. These experiences forced me to create my own “paracosm”, an imaginary world reflecting a “sublimation” of my negative emotions and emptiness. Expecting that my self-created phantasmal world will embrace me after I die. This “sublimated” world is inhabited by a diverse range of creatures. Some creatures are male, some female, some neither, some demons and some spirits – all waiting for me, diversity is exciting. The technique used for imprint images of the phantasmal world inside my mind is using highly detailed stipple art. The strong red color that can often be seen in my art is the expression of my heart and passion and is influenced by my experience with anime from when I was 7 years old [信じる心が力になる](believe in your heart). Red is the color that gives me courage, only by adding something red in my art can I express my real self. My pen moves as a channelling of my feelings and emotions, takes life on the medium, creating phantasmal details. The pigeon unable to fly, the swaying phantom fish unable to swim, the skull bones hiding our real self. The entwined vines connect my emotions to the unsolvable microcosm inside my head, my personal heaven. By questioning the emptiness in the world that I see and feel through my body, I’m presenting a new “sublimed” reality where the negative feeling are transformed into something that is different, my prayer for a better world.